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J. Barkley Rosser, Jr. rosserjb at jmu.edu
Sat Mar 27 11:49:05 PST 1999

Thanks. I continue to find the near silence in the media about this "stealth" vote rather amazing. It appears that there were three Dems voting no, Bingaman, Feingold, and Hollings, of whom only Feingold can be said to be at all on the left. Of course one could get cynical and say that it was an appeal to the non-trivial Serb vote in Milwaukee, but then Feingold was the only Dem in the Senate to oppose Byrd's "end the impeachment" motion. Barkley Rosser -----Original Message----- From: Rkmickey at aol.com <Rkmickey at aol.com> To: lbo-talk at lists.panix.com <lbo-talk at lists.panix.com> Date: Thursday, March 25, 1999 9:03 PM Subject: (no subject)

> Barkley Rosser wrote
> >There was a vote about this in the US Senate, approving
>>it by 58-41. Somehow in the midst of all its stories the W. Post
>>failed to say who voted how, although obviously this was not
>>party line. I gather most (if not all) of the 41 were Republicans.
>>But, is there anybody out there who knows what the actual
>>lineup was?
>Here is the vote from the Senate webstite:
> (Rollcall Vote No. 57 Leg.)
>March 23, 1999, 7:55 PM
>TITLE: S.Con.Res. 21
>RESULT: Concurrent Resolution Agreed to
> YEAS---58
> Abraham Hagel Mikulski
> Akaka Harkin Moynihan
> Baucus Hatch Murray
> Bayh Inouye Reed
> Biden Jeffords Reid
> Boxer Johnson Robb
> Breaux Kennedy Rockefeller
> Bryan Kerrey Roth
> Byrd Kerry Sarbanes
> Chafee Kohl Schumer
> Cleland Landrieu Shelby
> Conrad Lautenberg Smith Gordon H
> Daschle Leahy Snowe
> DeWine Levin Specter
> Dodd Lieberman Torricelli
> Dorgan Lincoln Warner
> Durbin Lugar Wellstone
> Edwards Mack Wyden
> Feinstein McCain
> Graham McConnell
> NAYS---41
> Allard Enzi Kyl
> Ashcroft Feingold Lott
> Bennett Fitzgerald Murkowski
> Bingaman Frist Nickles
> Bond Gorton Roberts
> Brownback Gramm Santorum
> Bunning Grams Sessions
> Burns Grassley Smith Bob
> Campbell Gregg Stevens
> Collins Helms Thomas
> Coverdell Hollings Thompson
> Craig Hutchinson Thurmond
> Crapo Hutchison Voinovich
> Domenici Inhofe
> Cochran
> K. Mickey

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