Separatism and Secession

Gar Lipow lipowg at
Sun Mar 28 09:27:21 PST 1999

>But in the end, both the North's actions in the Civil War and NATO's (hopefully) today are justified for the sake of those to be freed from repression.

But that's the problem. You have presented no evidence that U.S. intervention will make things better. There is every evidence that it will make things much, much worse. I would say that the burden of proof is on you to show that U.S. bombing and killing will save lives. So far you have been concentrating on criticizing the critics, without spending any effort to make your case. I ask for one shred of evidence that the current war will make things better rather than worse.. (Note: I refer to the U.S. rather than NATO intervention, because in this context NATO is serving merely as an assemblage of vassal states, dragged into the war with varying degrees of reluctance.) -- Gar W. Lipow 815 Dundee RD NW Olympia, WA 98502

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