fascism leads to democracy for those lesser types

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Sun Mar 28 11:47:36 PST 1999


angela wrote:

>moreover, I'm always fascinated by the differing characterizations of
>greece as either 'balkan' or 'european'. I wouldn't suggest it's
>either, since I don't care much for the kinds of hierarchies that are
>implicit in such designations; but it is kind of an index of the
>internal ideological border which marks out europeans and
>non-europeans WITHIN europe.

One result of the fighting in former Jugoslavia may be to push Greece more toward the "Balkan" designation as it struggles with the costs of dealing with refugees, border security, etc. at the expense (among others) of meeting criterea for inclusion in the next round of EMU.

And thanks, Angela, for forwarding the messages from comrades behind the lines!

K. Mickey

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