Protest against the Bombing

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Mon Mar 29 08:33:49 PST 1999

At 08:09 AM 3/27/99 -0500, Margaret wrote:
>Fine. I've no problem with talking about an ideal
>world. But what happens to the Kosovari, meanwhile?
>As Chomsky says, ideal worlds are great...but we live
>in this world. And as Alinsky pointed out,
>non-violence worked for Gandhiji only because (a) the
>UK really cared about its image in the world and (b)
>the Indians had no guns anyway.

Orwell makes a point that had Tories rather than the Labour been in power at that time, the outcome of the nonviolent movement in India would have been much different - in fact it would have been the same as the output of nonoviolent protest elsewhere - the protesters would have been machine-gunned.

I still disagree, however, that the NATO intervention is about Kosovo, let alone saving its people from a massacre. It is a terror bombing campaign designed to make the Belgrade regime more pliant - and Kosovars are not even pawns in that game -- they are merely propaganda points, just as the Kurds were in the Persian Gulf war.

Greg Nowell on this list made an excellent point that the conflict in Yugoslavia is about commerce, specifically the Danube commerce which Belgrade is recently blocking. In a sense, this is the 1956 Suez Canal history repeating itself as farce.



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