Sam Pawlett epawlett at uniserve.com
Mon Mar 29 10:04:10 PST 1999

> No joke:
> Bob Backlund, former WWF champ, is seriously exploring running for Congress
> in Connecticut.
> Jerry "The King" Lawler, former MidSouth, USWA, AWA and World Class champ,
> has been asked to run for mayor of Memphis, Tennessee.
> "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, former NWA and current WCW champ is seriously
> considering running for Senate in North Carolina.
> These are not to be confused with Hulk Hogan's announcement of a
> Presidential run in 2000, which was just a work.
> Nick, who watches 15 hours of pro wrestling on television every week.

Hey, you know what Kim Il Sung's favorite movie was? Rambo. You know what his favorite TV program was? WWF. It was either him or his son that organized a pro-wrestling event in N.Korea a few years ago as a move towards "normalizing" relations with the west. Looks like he had a better understanding of N.American culture than he is usually given credit for.

Sam Pawlett

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