Political evolution or political unrest?

Henry C.K. Liu hliu at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 30 08:34:17 PST 1999

If elections are that important to you, you should stop manipulating them worldwide through covert actions and assasinations. MacArthur, the self-proclaimed father of democracy for Japan, released jailed Japanese war criminals to run with US fianacing against left candidates in the post-war period. We know all about American "democratic free elections" in Asia.

Henry C.K. Liu

Brad De Long wrote:

> Re
> >
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> >Haiti and Mexico have lots of elections as well. Heck, even Serbia had a
> >couple. What's the point?
> >
> Ah. Well, there *are* those of us who think that elections are important
> because they are a less-than-completely-ineffective mechanism for producing
> governments that derive their just powers from the consent of the
> governed...
> Brad DeLong

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