Another step to WWIII

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Tue Mar 30 13:59:07 PST 1999

This evening German Chancellor and acting President of the EU Council Gerhard Schroeder (Social Democratic Party of Germany) repudiated the Prime Minister of Russia, Primakov, and his political initiative of mediation between Yugoslavia and the NATO states. Hence the NATO war of aggression against Yugoslavia has gone a step further on its move to expand to WWIII.

Now the German Socialdemocratic-Green Government definitely backs the US military strategy and the violation of international law, as does the British Labour Government, which did it already in the last war against Iraq - a clear violation of international law, too. Bombing the sovereign state of Yugoslavia will not end the civil war in this state, but increases the clashes as the development of the last couple of days has shown. This fact will not be altered by the propagandist constant barrage of both the media and the military and governmental spokespersons in the NATO metropoles that the bombing is necessary to avoid an ongoing genocide or to dimininish the humanitarian tragedy of refugees.

In Germany, the Green Party and the left wing of the SPD (apart from a few individual members) are now backing the mainstream political conception which is politically dangerous and does not really care about human beings. At the moment there is no organized political opposition to this war of aggression which could influence the political mainstream in Germany. I don't see any opposition of relevance nor in Britain neither in the USA. And it is most doubtful whether the Communists and the left wings of the (former) Socialists in France and Italy who are part of the governmental majorities in these countries could influence their Governments into the direction to stop the intensification of this NATO war of aggression and to return to political negotiations. Where are the political forces which could give the impulse to avoid an expansion of the war? ----

If you are interested in a statement of one the voices of the German socialist left you will find a comment on the war of agression (the strategy of NATO in Kosovo and on the politics of the Red-Green coalition Government) - written by the managing editors of Sozialismus and published in its April issue.

The comment is online at on its website .

Another article published in the April issue that is available online has an extended critical analysis of fifty years of NATO politics.

Hinrich Kuhls

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