What parties should form governments?

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Mar 31 19:53:59 PST 1999

>So are you one of the people who thinks that Greece would have been a
> happier place since WWII if its politics had been more like those of
> Bulgaria?
>>From the looks of your comment above, sounds like you don't accept
>democracy (in this case, the will of the people), when you don't agree
>with the results. Greece probably would have gone Red, and by the will
>of the people, not through any Soviet intervention...

Jeff Sommers

<irony> That's why the Communists boycotted the Greek election of 1946.</irony>

There are deep, deep questions about what political democracies should do when confronted with profoundly anti-democratic parties--those that claim to derive their powers from the will of the leader or the possession of books of holy writ that contain the key to the riddle of history.

I am of the view that even anti-democratic parties should be allowed to form governments, and that the time to resist with every means possible is when the government moves against the democratic process--in 1933, for example, with the Reichstag fire.

This may be giving too much to anti-democratic forces, but I can't figure out any other consistent position that I don't think would result in worse outcomes...

Brad DeLong

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