Science vs. Ideology (was Re: foucault? relativist? ROTFL!)

kelley oudies at
Mon Nov 1 07:45:15 PST 1999

At 02:13 AM 11/1/1999 -0500, Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:
>>Lisa & Ian Murray wrote:
>>> I ask the question because no one on this planet has answered it
>>> satisfactorily, yet.
>>What would count as a satisfactory answer and how do you know or how can
>>you tell when you have the truth?
>>Sam P.
>Ian should begin by explaining _why_ all the existing answers have been
>unsatisfactory, or more specifically, _what problems_ exist in their
>answers, which cause them to fail to explain the relation between the world
>and science. Then, we may have a debate.

yoshie, why should ian do anything for you since you can't be bothered to adress him with "hi ian" or type to him directly? is there some reason why you need to position yourself as asking ian to speak to the entire list or at least your imaginary group of interested others? ian should do this or that coded in this formal interrogative tone, this demand, this insistence that he must somehow muster himself up in front of the rest of the list to be called to account by you?

oh wait, is this how you're going to ally yourself with sam? sam the anarchists' marxist. heh. ange, i'm cracking up too.

if anyone hadn't noticed, ian's been posting for some months now and this is pretty much his style of intervention on the list. to find it peculiar now is ....ummmm. .... a bit peculiar.

i don't know yoshie, but i guess you won't have that many people to argue with if you inisist on othering them like this all the time.

kelley beating her fave horse

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