Silicon valley politic-speak

Les Schaffer godzilla at
Tue Nov 2 07:19:18 PST 1999

i just was turned on to an article in the Economist

on politics amongst Silicon Valley ummmm elites.

===================== Yet Democrats, too, think they have natural friends in the high-tech industry. There is a growing feeling in some quarters that-as in the case against Microsoft-government is not always a force for evil. Indeed, the public sector may hold the key to solving the social problems that now plague the high-tech industry: the shortage of educated labour, the over-strained transport system and the rapidly growing gap between rich and poor.

Some computer bosses are already appealing to politicians to get their act together. Andy Grove, the head of Intel, has told congressmen that the Internet is about to wipe out entire sections of the economy-and has warned them that, unless politicians start moving at "Internet rather than Washington speed", America may see a repeat of the social disaster that followed the mechanisation of agriculture. The high-tech industry is beginning to realise that it is doing nothing less than "defining the economic structure of the world," says Eric Schmidt, the boss of Novell. And with that realisation comes, for some at least, a heavy sense of responsibility. ======================

does anybody have any sense of what Grove and Schmidt are talking about here?

les schaffer

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