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Wed Nov 3 06:16:53 PST 1999

On Wed, 3 Nov 1999 kenneth.mackendrick at utoronto.ca wrote:


> "The ethical limits of psychoanalysis coincide with the
> limits of its practice." - Lacan, Seminar VII
> Analysis is a praxis of jouissance, and jouissance is
> anything but practical. It ignores the needs of capital,
> health insurance companies, socialized health care, public
> order, and mature relations. While therapists in our
> society are expected to interact with their patients in
> ways that are considered by dominant contemporary social,
> political, and psychological discourses to be for their own
> good, analyts act instead so as to further their
> analysands' Eros. That aim is constitutive of the praxis
> that is psychoanalysis.

Just a quick question of clarification:

Is this 'jouissance' is in a way akin to the thing that Marx meant when he replied, in response to a question about 'what is human nature': 'struggle'? Like 'desire'?

And Lacan puts central to the subject this 'jouissance'? (As opposed to say, Jung, who develops an language of mythology to put in the heart of the mind)

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