AFL-CIO on WTO etc.

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Thu Nov 4 12:10:47 PST 1999

[Just for the record, this is the AFL-CIO's official line, passed at their recent conference, on globalization/trade issues. Thea Lea, their assistant director of public policy, just sent me this, along with Sweeney's statement that was posted here the other day, to emphasize that "nothing in the AFL-CIO position changed with the ACTPN letter.... We are anxious to stem the misinformation" in reports that their position has.]


Their "position" is not the issue. Their political practice is.

They could have opted to stay off any committee without getting something in return. That's the issue for debate.

In fairness it is easy for someone like me outside the situation to be skeptical when there are usually many substantive practical considerations to which I am not privy.

But so far I've seen no reason not to remain skeptical.


[Opinions above do not necessarily represent those of anyone else at the E.P.I.]

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