Request for texts and Response to Washington Post WTO article

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Fri Nov 5 08:21:37 PST 1999

Lisa & Ian Murray wrote:

>Could anyone on these lists point me to any good/excellent left
>texts/webpages on institutional [re]design as in a "Rethinking Int'l
>Institutions" type stuff? I want to find some nice, relatively
>self-contained essay/chapters I can both read and make Xeroxes of for people
>in town and those coming from wherever for the WTO meeting. I/we would
>greatly appreciate it.
>Also, here's the response I wrote to Anne Swardson regarding Hitler and
>Michael Moore.

Joel Kovel - who's challenging Nader within the Green Party in the California presidential primary - has a good piece on reworking the WTO, at <>.


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