Double Bubble Trouble

Rob Schaap rws at
Sun Nov 7 04:48:58 PST 1999

>Dennis R Redmond wrote:
>> Well, it's official: the ECB raised short-term interest rates to 3%,
>> (snip...) things could get very, *very* ugly on
>> Wall Street over the next few weeks. The EU credit spigot is being slowly
>> tightened, which is bad news for be-bubbled overseas debtors like the US.
>yesterday NASDAQ closed on an all time high. The German DAX closed on a
>record high for this year. What do you ( or others ) make of this?

And does it matter that MS cops an adverse judgement e coupla days after it gains entry to the Dow Jones? I mean, big waddage like MS, if it takes a stock-hit in the morning, would affect the Dow meaningfully, no?

Or what?

Cheers, Rob.

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