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RECLAIM THE STREETS! NYC Activists Throw Massive Street Party in Conjunction with Seattle WTO Protest

WHAT: Reclaim the Streets Demonstration/Celebration WHEN: Friday, November 26th, 2:00 pm WHERE: Meeting at South End of Union Square (move from there to action site) WHY: Because we think thereís more to life than buying and selling BRING: Radios (for pirate broadcast), scarves, cider, gifts, friends,

people you want to be friends with...Yourself

New York: Around the world a movement is building. An international tribe of insurrectionists has begun to shake the foundations of authority and control. Massive sound systems, pirate radio rave parties, puppets, drummers, thousands of dancing feet, are shaking off the chains of power and MOVING!

On November 26th, in concert with others around the world. In Seattle. In London. In Geneva. In Toronto. In NEW YORK. We will dance where they tell us we should not. As the finance ministers and corporate bureaucrats meet in Seattle on November 30th under the banner of the World Trade Organization to continue their assault on the environment, labor, and human rights, what even the New York Times [10/14/99] anticipates as over 50,000 students, farmers, workers, environmentalists and labor activists will initiate a massive street protest to shut them down!

In New York, we will take to the streets on the biggest shopping day of the year to CELEBRATE a vision of the future broader than buying and selling! As they strive to put a price on everything and value on nothing and raise profits over people, we will show them faces and bodies and rhythms of resistance. We will not be stilled. We will not be penned in. We will not be silenced. We will dance. IN THE STREET! On this Buy Nothing Day we will create a spectacle of sharing and giving and LIFE WELL LIVED that will not soon be forgotten. Come to the south end of Union Square at 2pm to join the festival. RECLAIM THE STREETS!!

What is Reclaim the Streets? Born in London in 1995, RTS is world-wide movement, with local branches throwing road parties as both a protest against the corporatization of public space and a living, dancing example of what public space could be.

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