Henwood vs. Cockburn

Jeffrey St. Clair sitka at home.com
Thu Nov 11 12:42:36 PST 1999

Chip Berlot (sic) "reputable"? C'mon. He's an hysteric.


Charles Brown wrote:

> Yes, I corroborate what Doug says. I still see a lot of creeping-fascism in the militia groups. All the actuallly existing ,fascist armies have been populated by disillusioned , wacked out workers, so their class status doesn't necessarily exempt them. The liberation kernel of Good ole American rugged individualism dwindles and rots more and more as time passes. I don't see any good practice from the militias, and there is lots of bad practice. Outstate Michigan is no different from Mississippi today, and we have a large militia population. I hypothesize a correlation. Please show me something the militias have done good. Reputable anti-fascist scholars and field researchers ( Russ Bellant, Chip Berlot, Center for Democratic Renewal) report them as rightwing, and proto-fascist.
> I haven't read Cockburn lately, but the heresay about him sounds like he has taken a turn for the worst since the days of his something about "The Devil " syndicated column. He sounds like an LM postmod Tory.
> CB
> >>> Doug Henwood <dhenwood at panix.com> 11/11/99 02:52PM >>>
> Max Sawicky wrote:
> >I have to say I strongly support this remark
> >by AC, though not so much its focus on
> >Henwood:
> >
> >"Apropos my supposed enthusiasm for the right, I think, Doug, your
> >problem is that you rarely advance into the American hinterland west of the
> >Hudson, and regard it as a place of terror infested with fundamentalists,
> >militia men and other demons of the polite liberal metropolitan imagination
> >inflamed by hysterical fundraising letters from Morris Dees. . . . "
> This is horseshit. I think Morris Dees is a faker. I like the stuff
> that Ken Silverstein did in Counterpunch (for which Cockburn
> inevitably got credit) exposing him as a poseur. I got accused of
> being soft on racism for writing in LBO and on several e-lists that
> "the militias" were not the gang of crypto-fasicsts that a lot of
> leftists were denouncing them as. Ask Charles Brown about this.
> Doug

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