"The Red Tide Turning?"

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Thu Nov 11 12:44:23 PST 1999

> >nor does it bode well that szamuely subsumes
> >(redefines) communism into (as) nationalism, as doug notes.

carl wrote:

> Granted, but remember where this guy is coming *from* -- Szamuely was by
> own admission a gung-ho supporter of the Vietnam War and now his greatest
> fear is "the unrestrained global tyranny of the United States." Such
> right-wing apostasy is, in the words of S. Johnson, "like a dog's walking
> his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done
> all."

but you know what i hear in szamuely's article? fascism. it might be apostasy for the relatively-respectable right in the US, but in europe and australia, this is brownshirt stuff. they too have a critique of capitalism, though as in szamuly's case, they don't say 'capitalism', they ethnicise and or nationalise it (hence, US tyranny); and they don't say 'workers', but present the category of the oppressed in similarly ethnicised or nationalised terms.

i know you yanquis get excited when people pick on the US (how could you not?); but i'm much less inclined to enjoy those moments.

Angela _________

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