font madness and road rage [worm either way]

kelley oudies at
Fri Nov 12 08:54:15 PST 1999

nooner writes to doug:

>Funny thing, to listen to a profesional writer complain about
>"all that text", if you ask me.

yeah, but not too long ago doug was exceedingly pleased with advanced technology in so far as he now had access to 457 different fonts to make his zine professional looking. imagine that, 457??!!!!

i did sympathize not too long afterward -- i went on a font binge: downloaded free fontware like mad one night when i was making the web page.

i ended up using like maybe 5 different fonts. and how do you keep them all straight anyway doug? got one of those handy dandy font managers? no doubt.

and peter, btw, you should come to florida and try driving the deadly US Highway 19 at rush hour during snowbird season too -- and then maybe getting stuck in a traffic jam on the 10m long causeway. no escape.

i have a money making scheme, though. i'm going to produce digital displays -- like a portable pizza delivery sign that you attach on your car. or maybe a revoling display that matches the contours of the car...errrr...suv roof -- for a little flexible production action for the bubbleyuppies. program your fave expletives and put downs into the system in advance and -- voila! -- when the time comes hit a button and everyone can have "Sign Wars" on the highway. no more road rage because you can communicate just exactly what you want and you'll be having too much fun being clever, particular if you purchase the high end model which will allow you to program expletives on the fly. and then....hey!...someone could produce a book of clever 'road flames' -- no auto jockey should be without it.

alrighty then -- i'll fund the revo!


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