Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Fri Nov 12 13:03:16 PST 1999

>>I've been following the discussion flowing from alex's column with some
bemusement. How quickly the talk moved away from issues of women, feminism, sexism, Satanic panic -- the things alex and I were both supposedly writing about -- and moved into the usual androcentric grooves: militias, Doug versus Alex, etc. I would think it would be at least a little bit interesting that Wendy Kaminer, cited by alex as a "good" feminist" on the ritual abuse issue, criticized him severely in the same letters column as Doug!

mbs: I simply didn't take AC's attack on you re: Satanism seriously, hence no need for deconstruction. The populist debate is something else again. When elite wisdom seeps into the left and is deployed against labor, that sort of thing provokes me, as should be obvious.

The New York Press doesn't sound like it's worth much attention either, though I think it might be nice to be "bubbly."

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