Cockburn on confederacy

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Sat Nov 13 11:37:02 PST 1999

On Sat, 13 Nov 1999, Carrol Cox wrote:

> Doug Henwood wrote:
I dunno about Cockburn or Doug, and Katha can speak for herself, *but* Reed certainly has written leaflets and organized more than just a forum. He writes like an organizer, able to home in on what matters and what doesn't in a way that only those with organizers' instincts are able to do. His response to Marable that was posted a few days ago here demonstrates this capacity all too well.


> That said, in the midst of all this Cockburn baiting, he and
> *Counterpunch* are most useful to have around. Lou Proyect
> dismisses the whole crowd of New York Journalists (Cockburn,
> Henwood, Pollitt, Reed, etc.) because, among other things, they
> never wrote a leaflet or organized a forum. I have done both,
> and I wrote so many leaflets when I should have been doing
> research that it is one of the reasons that I retired as only an
> assistant professor. But I really couldn't have written one of
> those leaflets were it not for the work of journalists who may
> or may not have ever written one themselves.
> Carrol

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