'Democratic Money' & the Tragedy of Anti-Marxism (wasRe:Populism)

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Katha Pollitt <kpollitt at thenation.com>wrote: <He took advantage of this situation to carry out from hospital an <elaborate correspondence with a white supremacist neo-Nazi (sorry forget <that name too) who was involved in disseminating antisemitic and racist <literature and in bombing synagogues in Florida

That would be Eustace Mullins, no? Katha continued: <And getting <around things like calling FDR "Kikey Rosenfeld" takes some doing!

George Lincoln Rockwell did Robert Welch one better by demanding that people,"Save Ike from the Kikes!" A picture of Rockwell picketing the White House, with his handpainted sign, is in the new biography, one of two, by Frederick Simonelli, "American Fuehrer, G.L. Rockwell and the American Nazi Party," University of Illinois Press.Blurbed by Michael Barkun, author of the definitive work on Christian Identity,"Religion & The Racist Right,", U.of N. Carolina Press, and Peter Merkl, who has written on European far right. Along with Martin Lee,"The Beast Reawakens," Penguin paperback, and ,"The Emergence Of A Euro-American Radical Right," by Jeffrey Kaplan and Leonard Weinberg, Rutgers U.Press, these five authors give a great rundown on contemporary neo-fascism.

And a visit to the Aryan Nations website will find a rant that "Ike was a Kike" and not just a tool of those wily Globalist Commies at the Federal Reserve, CFR and the Morgan bank.

Michael Pugliese

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