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catherine wrote:

> really? anarchism? how? where? i can look about at a whole heap of
> nationalism and populism, and i think a degree/kind of communism is
> unavoidable when you have little money and few if any assets. but
> anarchism? i'd like to know where you see spontaneous anarchist
> consciousness as characteristic of the 'working class'?

nationalism, populism... all of that, plus some. by anarchism here, i mean not a politics, but an attitude. certainly, conformism is still strong, but this reflexive anti-leader stuff was in abundance, and without speaking to that, the ARM were left for dead.

> only to be outdone but anderson and costello warning, i love this, that
> those devious 'illegal immigrants' are putting our healthy federal
> at risk.

heh. i guess this is because no one really bought the claim that the 'peacekeeping' operation in east timor was the reason why we had to endure another round of welfare and education cuts at a time when the surplus was so huge. i also note that ruddock has been increasing the numbers of 'invaders' every day now for the last week in order to get the democrats to support the recent round of changes to the migration act. i had to laugh when mandy-vandy kept going on about 'everyone wants to come to australia'. like we're supposed to be flattered by the fact that anyone might choose to live here rather than in iran right now. then, i guess it's all about staging it in terms of 'they want something from us' rather than bothering to glance at what people might be fleeing from. a pitch to 'our' enjoyment.

> why is it channel 10 appear to be the only ones still determined
> to call them 'boat people'? sometimes i think there's something i just
> don't get about channel 10.

i haven't noticed this, but i rarely watch ch10. though, given that how you arrive in australia (by boat or plane) automatically determines whether or not you'll get to apply for refugee status under the proposed laws, the designation seems to be getting more and more real, unfortunately. i'm more disturbed that few media outlets seem to be able to resist the language of 'flood', 'swamped', etc that barely three years ago they noticed as nasty when hanson said the same.

ps. no need to apologise for the duration between replies.

Angela _________

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