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[crikey--79 lines of quoted text deleted...]

> Nonetheless, we ought to remember that the _Satanist day-care panic_ is a
> particularly _American_ phenomenon, even though the fetishization of the

double-plus untrue. i refer you to the "musti affair' in italy, involving the 'bambini di satan,' documentation brought to you by our good friend(s) luther blissett:


there's more material on this and related issues in the nettime archives: <http://www.nettime.org/cgi-bin/wilma/nettime/>.

i don't know of instances in other countries, though i wouldn't be surprised if the doutroux affair in belgium had spawned some talk of this nature; but, i'll add pointedly, the fact that i don't know of any doesn't mean there aren't any.

> part, makes a living). For this reason, as soon as I heard stories of the
> "ritual abuses" at day care centers, I immediately thought: "Only in
> America! It's scary that anyone could actually believe such things!" It
> reminded me of Fritz Lang's _M_ (1931) and put me in the despairing mood of
> looking into the abyss of the American Weimar. Yes, we do need to look at

thanks for contextualizing your homespun spenglerism.

cheers, t - still waiting

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