A Modest Challenge

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.princeton.edu
Wed Nov 17 10:25:23 PST 1999

> defied much of the conventional wisdom about them, namely that the
> organizations were a.) mainly male (unilaterally untrue); b.) mainly white (not
> true in California or New Mexico); c.) not working class (unilaterally untrue);
> d. not critics of corporate power (untrue across the board).

But Jeff are any members non white working class women critical of corporate power? Or are the militias populated by female racists, black yahoos, mexican american landowners, and other petit bourgeois critics of corporate power? Oh yes what about the immigrant question, esp that post 65 horde? I don't think we fit well into the vision of the Founding Fathers, especially as conceived by militia types?

Yours, Rakesh

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