A Modest Challenge

Charles Brown CharlesB at CNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Wed Nov 17 10:35:15 PST 1999

>>> "Jeffrey St. Clair" <sitka at home.com> 11/17/99 01:18PM >>>
Charles Brown wrote:

> How come you are not responding to me ?

Frankly Comrade Brown the average Militia (Michigan or Montana) member exhibits far more human empathy than you seem capable of.


Charles: That's frank, but it is also hysterical , and false. I certainly exhibit more human empathy than you do. Let get clear here. I am the humanist in this debate.


As I said to Berlet, I've been at the hospital and now at home tending to my daughter. I know you may be on some crusade against "family values", but really don't you think this attitude is taking things just a bit too far??


Charles: Sorry about your daughter. If you want to wait until after your tragedy is lessened to respond fine. But it didn't prevent you from sending a "modest challenge" to Berlet, so I figured you could respond to me if you could respond at length to Berlet.

Why exactly is it that your family values don't interfere with issuing or responding to a modest challenge from Chip Berlet, but my comment at the same time is going a bit too far ?

By the way, I don't have an "attitude".


The Michigan barbarians on the jury who convicted Nate Abraham were largely white, middle class "liberal" women. Four of them were school-teachers. These people are a much bigger threat to the civil liberties of this nation than the few hundred members of the Michigan militia, who've received acres of newsprint and who've been used to scare up so much money by liberal and "progressive" groups.


Charles: The State Senator who got the law passed is not a liberal. But I'm not defending neo-liberals. There is a merger of neo-liberals like Clinton and paleo-conservatives like Engler and Reagan. Your idea that militias are to the left of this new conservative majority is ignoring the obvious.

Take your time.


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