Jeffrey St. Clair sitka at
Wed Nov 17 20:14:25 PST 1999

Nathan Newman wrote:

> An issue for political artists as well as political propagandists is what
> their responsibility is for the
> (mis)interpretation of their words and art.

In this case, the misinterpretors were a bunch of well-educated, reactionary liberals who got off on hearing themselves denounce a band they knew nothing about. Hell, all they had to do was listen to Skynyrd's The Ballad of Curtis Loew to tell where they were coming from--if they really wanted to know, which, of course, they didn't.

And you're going to blame Bruce for Reagan and Buchanan coopting Born In the USA? Damn, I'll kiss his feet for writing that song and producing the spectacle of it being taken up as an anthem by the likes of Reagan and Pat B. Even Hunter Thompson couldn't do justice to that species of weirdness.


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