Peter Kilander peterk at
Wed Nov 17 22:24:07 PST 1999

>The problem with being subtle in a rock song is that popular interpretation
>of such songs are pretty visceral - sort of the point of rock and roll. A
>reverse of the "Southern Man" misinterpretation is the reaction to "Born in
>the USA" which was easily taken as a refrain glorifying America. Both
>Chrysler and Ronald Reagan thought it would be a fine song to use in their
>commercials, without worrying about the irony.

The Clash's "Rock the Casbah" was the first song the U.S. armed forces in Saudi Arabia played over the radio at the start of the Gulf War. Or so I heard.

By the way, I thought _Three Kings_ was a good flick. Eric? That was your cue.

Peter K.

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