Alex Cockburn writes....

Peter Kilander peterk at
Wed Nov 17 22:29:08 PST 1999

>Did he at least give the LBO web site address and instructions on how New
>York Press readers can sign up for the list?
>Peter K.
>Do you really want them? Aren't I enough?

More than enough. Plenty. No, really. On the other hand, the more the merrier. On the other, other hand I have enough trouble as it is keeping up and keeping track of who's who and what direction people are coming from. I'm just waiting for THE WORLD SOCIALIST MOVEMENT to return and cut through the crap, lay down the law, tell it how it is, and then go off on his merry way again. No doubt he could handle a whole gaggle of NYPress readers with one arm tied behind his back.

Peter K.

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