Tom Lehman uswa12 at Lorainccc.edu
Thu Nov 18 06:14:45 PST 1999

There is a Pokemon retailer search engine. The only problem is for the last couple of days it has come up blank.

We are trying to find 250 sealed 11(?) card packs of Pokemon cards or 250 gold egg Pokemon cards(these things come in a plastic egg about the size of a softball). We want to use these as door prizes at our Breakfast with Santa on December 4th.


Brad De Long wrote:

> >Tom, have you tried looking on the web for toystores that sell pokemon
> >card sets? There are lots of toystores with websites. you could order
> >and they would deliver pronto.
> >
> >good luck,
> >Katha
> Except that they are following the strategy of limiting the supply of
> Pokemon cards--as long as something is *scarce* it has the extra
> value of marking its possessor as a cool insider. Thus lots of
> Pokemon products are hard to get at any reasonable price...
> Brad DeLong, who made Pokemon cards for the six-year-old by printing
> pictures out from websites and glueing them onto cardboard...

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