Guns etc

Katha Pollitt kpollitt at
Thu Nov 18 10:27:14 PST 1999

Jeffrey St. Clair wrote:
> > we all know that guys
> > with guns are more fun to think about.
> >
> > Doug
> Seems to me it's Katha who has the obsession about guns--making people
> feel guilty for owning and collecting them, talking of banning them,
> prohibiting them, cutting them off--so to speak. I don't think Alex owns
> a gun. However, given his technological archaicism he might have a
> crossbow in the cupboard.
> jsc

jeff, I've held off till now, but this is too much!

You know perfectly well that you were appalled by that Larry Pratt article in Counterpunch and as Webmaster refused to put it on the Website. We corresponded about it over the summer, and although we disagreed about gun control LAWS, we agreed about guns themselves. You wrote "I never owned a gun and never will," you said you had no illusions that "we are going to bring about an armed revolution." You said you had worked 20 years ago for the National Coalition to Ban Handguns and " at root,share the sentiments." You said you were sure if you had guns in the house your kids would have found them and come to trouble, and that you yourself found guns scary and that you never let them play at houses of people who kept guns.

So don't try to pretend you think guns are just good clean american manly fun and paint me as some kind of castrating killjoy ("cutting them off, so to speak" ha ha). We may disagree about guns in public -- but in your real life, your practical life as a human being and a father, you have the same fears and perspectives as I do.


ps. you also wrote ""I can't stand NYP myself"! Maybe Alex can quote YOU next time he wants to ingratiate himself with Mugger.

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