Larry pratt on Warsaw ghetto Jews and Guns

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Thu Nov 18 12:54:56 PST 1999

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Since Charles quoted 'Dixie' selectively, I should provide the full lyrics so that all may judge fairly.


Charles: Don't be paranoid, Max. That's all I could remember. The last time I heard the song was in 1970, when I roomed with two good ole boys from Georgia. Anyway, I could never remember words to songs much, but I am good at the music, which I can't show on e-mail. Joan Baez made a version of it too. The Band backed up Bob Dylan, etc., etc.

Jesse James was an ex-confederate soldier ,and working class hero because he robbed banks.


I'm reminded of C. Vann Woodward's remark that the people of the South were a people "that history happened to."


Charles: Have you got people from the South ? My great, great, great grandfather Cogsdell brought my gr, gr, gr grandmother and their children ( his slaves) to freedom in Philadelphia from Charleston, SC before the war. But granddaddy's relatives were with the Confederacy, I'm pretty sure.

Anyway, history happens to everybody to a large extent. Like Marx said, man makes his own history , but not as he pleases.


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