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Tom Lehman uswa12 at Lorainccc.edu
Fri Nov 19 10:45:52 PST 1999

Joe, I can't figure Kerry out either.

I've seen town meetings that Kerry has conducted in his home state on C-Span; and I've wondered if this is the same guy that I've seen on the Sunday morning TV news shows.

Here you have a guy in Kerry who in Nebraska sounds very liberal, looks relaxed, isn't a motor mouth, listens patiently and with empathy to his constituents, and fields tough questions. Then there is the Sunday morning TV Kerry who comes off like a mean spirited, constipated follower of corporatist agenda.

What happens to this guy between Nebraska and Washington, I've got no idea.


jf noonan wrote:

> On Fri, 19 Nov 1999, Tom Lehman wrote:
> > Or you may have seen a few years ago when Kerry of Nebraska
> > a man of unquestionable personal bravery had to go on TV and
> > discharge a shotgun in order to get re-elected!
> Huh? Kerry the Social Security scare mongerer? Kerry the
> immigrant bashing (along with Babrbara Jordan) national ID card
> huckster? Kerry the Free Trader? Why ever should I give a shit
> about Kerry's "bravery"?
> --
> Joseph Noonan
> jfn1 at msc.com

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