Anti-semitic, anti-immigrant

alex lantsberg wideye at
Fri Nov 19 20:10:31 PST 1999

Anti-Semitism exists to some degree in the Islamic world as

well, which raises the question of how much the anti-Semitism

there is due to purely domestic reasons and how much of it

is reflective of cultural influences from the West.

islam and judaism trace themselves to the same father...abraham. the sons were of different mothers. i can't remember all the biblical names, but the story as i know it is that abe's wife was "barren" and told him to knock-up his servant so he could have an heir. abe happily obliged. ab's wife then miraculously had a child and the servant and her child were sent packing into the desert. they multiplied and became the arab people. abe continued with his wife and new son to start the jewish lineage.

looks like it goes back to an old family fued.


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