Conspiracy Theories

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Sat Nov 20 12:18:38 PST 1999

>>> michael perelman <michael at> 11/19/99 11:30P> I would be interested to have you list some of the main conspiracy theories
> peddled by the US government, as opposed to ideological positions with which
> you disagree.

The assassination of the Pope, the Sandinistas drug smuggling operation, rumors about capitalism in Indonesia prior to the coup, Judy Bari's self-inflicted bombing ...... just to mention a few that come to mind. I suspect that you could expand on it as much as anybody else.


Charles: Just as important are the non-conspiracy theories spread by the U.S. government to coverup its own nefarious acts: Kennedy , King, Kennedy, et al. were shot by lone nuts , not part of larger conspiracies. The C.I.A. did not smuggle cocaine to L.A. et al to fund the Contras. Communists were agents of a foreign government, not victims of an ideological purge in McCarthyism.


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