Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Sun Nov 21 00:35:05 PST 1999

>you explain why, for
>instance, antistatism is an innapropriate strategic and theoretical
>position within communism at this particular point in history; why negri's
>account of keynsianism and really-existing socialism is wrong, etc... and
>whilst you're at it, explain for me what it is you get out of blubbering
>about 'sectarianism' when all you seem to do is demarcate out appropriate
>political circles -- negri = bad; hoxha = good...

I think of Negri's _Marx Beyond Marx_ (which originates from his 1978 seminars on _The Grundrisse_, given at the invitation of Althusser, as you note) as an interesting historical document that tells us much about the Keynesian State and its opposition (and their respective limits). At this point in history, however, there is no such thing as "really-existing socialism," and the Keynesian State, in my view, has been shown to be a dead end (even at the capitalist core, to say nothing of the periphery) by history (not just in theory) as well, so I find it pointless to predicate one's radicalism upon theoretical oppositions to them, as Negri still does. As for Hoxha, I don't think I have ever mentioned him in my posts since I began to post on sundry e-lists several years ago, since I know very little about him, so I'm mystified that you think you can find an argument that "hoxha = good" in my posts. If anything, you might draw an opposite (though equally off-the-wall) conclusion from my posts on Yugoslavia.


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