I don't get it (again)

kelley oudies at flash.net
Sun Nov 21 04:33:09 PST 1999

>>i find zizek's analysis useful inasmuch as he doesn't make the usual claim
>>that if you just show people how untrue such a view of the world is, it's
>>all be okay in the morning light. ie., zizek doesn't presume that an
>>irrationality such as this is a result of an erroneous perception of what
>>is an essentially rational world.

i missed the original post... what i find odd is that, nonetheless, the claim here is that if we just don't presume it'll all be better with the light of day then it will all be better. that is, there still a gesture toward a 'better' ananlysis, a more 'progressive' or 'enlightened' view. that was clearly there in the snippet doug sent. so it seems to me that the real reason for appreciating zizek is that he offers an account of the subject that one might prefer to those offered in other theoretical approaches. to suggest that zizek, though, has somehow escaped the desire for progress, reason, freedom --those enlightenment ideals-- hardly seems accurate.


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