Proto-fascist structure

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Sun Nov 21 10:49:44 PST 1999


Oh come on Doug, you know better about what I have written to make such an assertion. I have written dozens of articles over thirty years exposing government intelligence abuse. My argument is that when people on the left begin to uncritically circulate rumors from the conspiracist right it undermines real investigative reporting into government abuse of power.

See "Big Stories, Spooky Sources," Columbia Journalism Review, May/June 1993.

I don't junk these charges entirely, I argue that we on the left should reject the right wing conspiracism and concentrate on what is documented, which is bad enough, to make our case against government repression.


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> Chip Berlet wrote:
> >I challenge your belief in the Christic allegations about FEMA. They were
> >repackaged from the Liberty Lobby Spotlight newspaper and from the
> >intelligence network.
> Well, yeah, but does that make them untrue? I agree that sources like
> this should make one suspicious, but is that enough reason to junk
> them entirely?
> Doug

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