Is Buchanan an antisemite?

Russell Grinker grinker at
Sun Nov 21 11:21:25 PST 1999

>I'd be interested to hear whether an anti-semite in the current context
>(Pat Buchanan) is (a) someone whe finds semitic peoples repellent or (b)
>someone who is willing to create/perpetuate the perception that semitic
>peoples are repellant for the purpose of advancing an other
>cause/personal gain. Or is anti-semitism inclusive of both of those
>groups? Somehow it seems that there ought to be a distinction.

How about Arno Mayer's distinctions (from his excellent book "Why did the heavens not darken? - The Final Solution in History"):

Judeophobia = personal prejudice

Anti-Semitism = the institutionalised forms taken by such prejudice, forms which are often but not always political/advocacy of such institutionalised prejudice

Anti-Judaism = hostile feelings or actions directed against the Jewish religion or Jews as adherents of that religion (i.e. religious as opposed to "racial" prejudice)

I'm not sure where Buchanan fits in.

- Russell

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