Natural Capitalism

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Sun Nov 21 15:29:55 PST 1999

At 13:59 21/11/99 -0800, you wrote:
>I don't recall seeing any entry in the index of Natural Capitalism regarding
>property rights/ownership when I thumbed through it in a bookstore the other
>day. Lovins et al have no beef whatsoever with markets per se. They're
>Whole Earth Catalogue gurus who just want engineers to take the lead in
>driving business projects that have heavy environmental impacts.
> has the Harvard Business Review article that synopsizes
>their approach.

Thanks for the responses and the lead.

I see that they have their own web page for the book

They compain that the section "Praise and Derision" contains almost pure praise!

Perhaps it is time for the LBO site to host a review!

Chris Burford


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