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Katha Pollitt kpollitt at thenation.com
Mon Nov 22 06:46:36 PST 1999

kelley wrote:
> <
> no doubt. however, it's unfortunate that an aging woman feels she must
> [apparently] work out at the gym several days a week --from the looks of
> her that is. all very interesting in terms of the regulation and social
> constitution of the body, no? that is, while it's nice to display a little
> lesbian eroticism it might also be nice to examine what 'we' are desiring
> here and if it's such a good thing.

Well, we wouldn't want her "puffing" like Doug :)! Martha Nussbaum is maybe 55-- at most. Don't think she goes to gym more often than many men her age--my sweetie, who's 55, has taken up squash, rowing machine, horseback riding all in last five years. he's in great shape and has lots of vigor. I on the other hand, seem to be "letting myself go" completely, never exercise etc. But i wouldn't say my way is working out so well from the health and energy point of view. Keep meaning to join a gym and go swimming, but it's so boring.


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