[Fwd: Re: Mistress Judith (was Re: Butler on Spivak)]

kelley oudies at flash.net
Mon Nov 22 07:37:50 PST 1999

> Well, we wouldn't want her "puffing" like Doug :)! Martha Nussbaum is
>maybe 55-- at most. Don't think she goes to gym more often than many men
>her age--my sweetie, who's 55, has taken up squash, rowing machine,
>horseback riding all in last five years. he's in great shape and has
>lots of vigor. I on the other hand, seem to be "letting myself go"
>completely, never exercise etc. But i wouldn't say my way is working
>out so well from the health and energy point of view. Keep meaning to
>join a gym and go swimming, but it's so boring.

i was, very specifically, question the "good thingness" of yoshie's display of lesbian desire and the idealization of a particular kind of queer desire --which gets limited, it seems to me, to leather fetishisists, lipstick lesbians, etc -- limited range of representations to be sure. [a good top is hard to find, eh yoshie?]

and, yes, i live in florida. i see every day how men are increasingly exposed to idealized images of sculpted muscular and HAIRLESS bodies [which emanated from the queer community originally]. the men i meet here are *extremely* conscious of fitness, health, and staying in shape. it's quite pathetic. i'm convinced, in fact, that i floridians will evolve into a distinct species that, like tadpoles that develop into a frogs, will develop into rollerbladed-footed homosapiens.



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