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Peter Kilander peterk at enteract.com
Mon Nov 22 09:59:16 PST 1999

> I on the other hand, seem to be "letting myself go"
>completely, never exercise etc. But i wouldn't say my way is working
>out so well from the health and energy point of view. Keep meaning to
>join a gym and go swimming, but it's so boring.

I find exercise really boring, too. And there's not enough time in the day. Also, part of my problem may be that I unconsciously associate exercise with the psychopathic football coaches I've had over the years.

My last roommate was a big runner who got me running again and dragged me to 10k races. I have to admit, the races were fun social events; everyone there would be in a pretty good mood and friendly. All wholesome and healthy. Although, the running subculture is pretty wacked in sort of a cultish way in my opinion. My friends and I had a theory that my roommate - the tortured, Irish catholic type - used running as sort of a penance for the debauchery he had engaged in the night before.

I think he mainly saw the races themselves as a good way to meet women - which they were.

Peter K.

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