Review of New Populist Reader

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Mon Nov 22 13:30:09 PST 1999

Sure did. Those who know me best will confirm I have no shame. I did mention RRPE when I brought it up. Let me also thank Yates for his interest in publishing and his help on the editing side.




Didn't you review this for RRPE? Don't be ashamed to mention it!!! After all, you don't have to worry about tenure.

michael yates

Max Sawicky wrote:

> By popular demand . . .
> (o.k. two people asked for it.)
> mbs
> The New Populist Reader
> Edited by Karl G. Trautman
> Westport, CT
> Praeger Publishers
> 1997
> 256 pp.
> $65 hardcover, $22.95 paper

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