Butler on Spivak (was SZ)

Max Sawicky sawicky at epinet.org
Tue Nov 23 07:01:33 PST 1999

. . . Vanguard is hilarious. A typical headline is CHINESE STALINISTS BLOODY HANDS OFF FALUN GONG!

They've always been. Favorite Spart slogan from the old days, combining j edgar hoover lingo with sectarian panic:


They tried to disrupt one of the Washington marches on El Salvador that I attended. They set up a line across the line of the march and tried to divert the column into a field where they had a speakers' stand set up. Took a few of us "ushers" to keep the folks on the straight and narrow. No fisticuffs. Just a lot of hollerin.

On the other hand, their "youth" paper had a good headline once:

"Yellow Rain": BEE SHIT!


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