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oh sorry, i got about 1000mails in the last two days coz of screw up from server at syracuse uni and anything that went into general in box hasn't even been looked at yet. i filter lbo and other list mail into sep files and can sort through that. i may even have deleted your mail. but still in trash file. i'll go look

sorry, busy busy building a web page!

i'll get back to you though!


At 12:06 PM 11/23/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Kelley, why don't you reply to me? At least let me know that you have got
>my private messages but decided not to reply. At any rate, I am (and
>cannot) defend Butler against Nussbaum's charges, having never read
>anything by Butler (I have not kept up with Spivak's work either). I think
>you will notice that I also shared some skepticism towards the arguments
>Nussbaum made in the NR criticism, though I do share her concern of the
>eclipse of detailed institutional critique (and I certainly think the name
>calling of Katha as a left conservative was wholly unjustified and
>mean-spirited; and it was than academic not to invite her to the
>conference in which so called left conservatism was critiqued). At the
>same, I do see Butler--if Nussbaum's summary is accurate--giving some kind
>of expression to the way many gays and lesbians have made and so make
>sense of their lives and oppresion. This may be a disabling perspective,
>and that's why asked: if not Butler and Foucault, then who (Nussbaum's
>Butler critique reminded me of Charles Taylor's famous essay on Foucault)?
>We need to be careful that a critique of Butler does not leave those who
>have embraced her with no way to go forward. That's my concern.
>Yours, Rakesh

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