black nationalism reflux

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Nov 23 09:54:35 PST 1999

Charles Brown wrote:

>We saw this approach to nationalism in the Balkans fandango. The
>list-member formerly known as Louis, henceforth designated as <<O>>,
>supports nationalism when it facilitates his particular notion of world
>revolution. In other words, when it suits him. You can have
>self-determination, as long as your "self" fits my determination. In other
>words, an anti-nationalist defense of nationalism, not to say a racist
>anti-racism. Rakesh's infernal thoughts radiate outward and bleach his ass
>to plain vanilla.
>Charles: Is this topic forbidden , Doug ? Need a call from the
>umpire: fair or foul ?

Which - the color of Rakesh's ass (not that vanilla is a color)? Or the "list-member formerly known as ...."? Both come very close to verboten territory, actually, as ad hominems of marginal relevance.


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