Spart history (was Re: Butler on Spivak (was SZ))

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Tue Nov 23 09:53:57 PST 1999

I've talked to the guy who does this site. The hilarity is intentional, but sporadically so; he's a bit of a nutter -- sometimes really really seems to believe that the GTL is a party-building enterprise with revolutionary potential and is genuinely earnestly outraged by the ideological crimes committed by other Trots (about which he has an extreeemely detailed historical knowledge) sometimes is engaged in full-on self-conscious parody of loony sectarianism. Maybe it's sectarianism for the Judy Butler generation!

Liza Featherstone

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>Subject: Re: Spart history (was Re: Butler on Spivak (was SZ))
>Date: Tue, Nov 23, 1999, 1:19 PM

>Mr P.A. Van Heusden wrote:
>>And if you want a truly wierd take on all of this, look up the Sparts'
>>fellow travellers in the 'Generic Trotskyist League, 40% off'.
><>. Truly hilarious stuff,
>though I can't tell whether the hilarity is intentional or not. From
>the ditty on their opening page:
>"We Are Trotskyists And We Know How To Rap
>We Are Sick Of All This Petit-Bourgeois Crap
>Because We Stand For Independence Of The Working Class
>We Don't Dissolve Ourselves In The Reactionary Mass."

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