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Seth Ackerman SAckerman at FAIR.org
Tue Nov 23 10:56:18 PST 1999

Katha wrote:

> Daniel, you aren't asking the important question: why do male profs
> prefer grad students as their dating pool? there are lots of unattached
> women their own age on campus --they could date each other's ex wives. I
> agree academia is egregious for the youth preference of its men.
> don;t know why that is? sheer abundance of youthful possibilities?
> childishness of academic men? lack of other status symbols? I think a
> lot of academic men are depressed and feel sidelined by life--they don't
> make a lot of money, they often have to live in isolated places where
> there's nothing to do but get in trouble. Maybe financial professionals
> are a happier bunch. Zipping around the world making tons of money. they
> probably have plenty of affairs, just stay married.

Why does dating younger women imply that professors are unhappy?


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