Buchanan and anti-imperialism

C. G. Estabrook galliher at alexia.lis.uiuc.edu
Tue Nov 23 11:24:08 PST 1999

Buchanan gave a speech at the Cato Institute yesterday that was far better on imperialist issues that anything coming from Gore/Bradley/Bush/McCain. Admittedly that's not a very high standard, and there are objectionable things in what Buchanan said, but attacks on imperialism from main-steam pols have been rare enough...

He ended by quoting an unlikely figure, to unusual effect:

A century ago, a great populist leader begged America not to

forego her best traditions and annex the Philippines, an imperial

act that would draw America into three Asian wars. We did not heed

his advice; let us heed it now: "The fruits of imperialism, be

they bitter or sweet," declared Bryan, "must be left to the

subjects of monarchy. This is one tree of which citizens of a

republic may not partake. It is the voice of the serpent, not the

voice of God, which bids us eat."


--C. G. Estabrook

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