WTO failure worries; Wolf cheerleads

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Wed Nov 24 08:31:51 PST 1999

I think that's great. This means we already won to some extent, regardless of what happens outside next week. When is the last time the business press was cursing to progressive forces as having the upper hand and so forth. The same group of people could show up at the next planned meeting unless they decided to go to Singapore, which they probably could.

Someone in my department who's going's housemate described this odd plan of her group to go around outside with cups of hot tea which they want to hand out to delegates (on the street..?) as a friendly way of luring them into reformism-directed conversations. I still don't quite understand - but this is Berkeley. This clashes with the plans of another set of acquaintances, all older than I, who want to dress up as the trenchcoat mafia and ride around downtown on dirtbikes with a stereo playing judas priest, carrying slingshots+water balloons, and fake guns.

: Wed, 24 Nov 1999 09:48:00 -0500
>[You have to wonder if they're playing a game of lowering expectations for
>the talks, and raising expectations for the demos - both falsely.]
>Financial Times - November 24, 1999
>World leaders side-step call to join WTO talks
>By our international and UK staff
>The US last night dropped last-minute efforts to persuade world leaders to
>join President Bill Clinton at next week's World Trade Organisation meeting
>in Seattle.
>The failure of the US initiative came as WTO envoys finally abandoned
>attempts to agree a draft agenda for the talks.

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